This is Lauren's Autobiography entitled  "Father Does Know Best, The Lauren Chapin Story".  Lauren is currently in the process of acquiring the rights from the publishing company so that she may reprint the book.  If you would like to reserve a copy, please send an email today and you will be placed on the reservation list.  She currently has a few used copies available.  You may contact her about purchasing one of these personally autographed copies for $50.  Limited quantity. (Please add $10 for shipping and handling)

Lauren Chapin/Biography

When Lauren Chapin was a little girl, she made a lasting impression on millions of TV viewers.  She is still remembered as "Kathy Anderson" from the classic "Father Knows Best" series, which ran on syndicated television for nine years.

As a popular and talented child actress Lauren starred in many TV and radio programs as well as movies and commercials.  She was awarded five JR. Emmy's for Best Child Actress.

As an adult, she has been awarded "Honorable Mayor" of three cities in the states of Oklahoma, Texas and Florida for her numerous charity activities.  In the past six years Lauren has raised well over Two Million Dollars for Underprivileged and Abused Children through her public appearances and fundraising efforts.

Currently, Lauren is managing singers and actors.  Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt (Party of Five and "I Know What You Did Last Summer") got her start in show biz through Ms. Chapin.  She also performs with The Vagabond Troupe in a live inter-active version of "Father Knows Best" where she portrays Margeret Anderson for Cruise Lines, Convention Shows and Entertainment Venues all over the country.  Finally, as having been a child star she also  conducts seminars on "Show Business" teaching students the "do's" and "don'ts" of the business.

As a writer ("Father Does Know Best-The Lauren Chapin Story") Lauren is also a sought after keynote speaker and licensed and ordained Evangelist.  Her work as an actress, singer and writer has helped in the field of management and public relations.

Lauren has been privileged to study with such notables as Broadway's most successful dance and choreographer team, Marge and Gower Champion, France's most beloved mime Marcel Marceau, and songwriter and producer, David Blumburg.

Her work lately has brought her back into the public light on such shows as "Regis and Kathy Lee Show", "The Today Show", "Entertainment Tonight", "The Oprah Winfrey Show", "The Late, Late Night Show" and even more recently she hosted a 7 hour marathon on The Family Channel for Father's Day with the stars of "Father Knows Best"!

"E! True Hollywood Stories" presented a two-hour special on Lauren's life and won ratings higher than any of the shows produced to date.

The 45 year span of Lauren's career has placed her in an ideal position to perform either before or behind the camera.

Five Time Jr. Emmy Award Winner for Best Child Actress

Honorary Mayor of  Three Cities in Texas, Oklahoma and Florida

Founding Board of Directors of "A Minor Consideration", a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting child actors.

Lauren has been featured on several magazine covers including twice on TV Guide during the "Father Knows Best" years.  Her story has been told and updates on her life as a care giver, celebrity, charity fund raiser and inspirational speaker.