FKB #1
A Great Shot. The Anderson Family Portrait.
FKB #2
A Great Photo of Robert Young and Me.
FKB #3
Here are the three kids of FKB.
FKB #5
A Shot of Elinor Donahue and myself along with a friendly neighbor (and my good friend) Beverly Washburn.
Just a couple of dolls!
FKB #6
This is from an Advertisement for Scott Paper Towels.
The following Seven Photos are for sale. No other photos are available. Each Photo is an 8 X 10 high quality glossy print. Prices are next to each photo. I will personally autograph each photo. Please include the name of the person you want me to autograph it to. (These photos will NOT have "" written over them.)

I have photos of the entire cast (with autographs) and some others that have individual,two or three cast members' autographs. Please write to me for rates.

Please email me for more information about these photos.

Please include a self addressed stamped envelope (large enough to hold an 8x10). Tell me which one you want and I'll send it out to you right away!
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