Summer Healy-Chapin is no stranger to the stage, television or the recording studios. She comes from a "blue-blooded Pedigree" having her mother, uncles and cousins thoroughly entrenched into the glamorous world of show-biz'. Of course, her mother is! Her uncle, Billy Chapin (Tobar the Great, The Night of The Hunter, A Man Called Peter) and Michael Chapin (The Buckaroo Sheriff of Texas, Arizona Manhunt, Dragnet) are both former child actors who have made lasting names for themselves in the industry through film and radio. Her cousins Harry (Cat's In The Cradle) and Tom Chapin have laid a recording legacy for her to follow in.

Summer, however, is not interested in following; rather, she wants to blaze her own trail. From the looks of things, I think she can do that! She stands just 5'4" tall and weighs only 105, with dark brown hair to her waist and eyes the color of gold/green..she's lightning in a bottle!
With looks aside, it's her voice you'll be most interested in! Her voice is like velvet. When she reaches 'for the moon' with one of her many high, pure notes, with such rich fullness, it's a sound you've not heard in some time! Well, let us just say, "you're in for a delightful listening experience."

She has performed in the movie "Matinee", and on TV for "Clarissa Explains It All", "Welcome Freshman" and "Global Guts". She has done commercials and voice-overs for numerous national products and companies and appeared on a wide variety of National TV Talk Shows like Geraldo Rivera, Dr. Tom Bradshaw, Jerry Lewis Telethon, Murphy in The Morning, Buffalo Live and many others. Her theatrical background could take up another webpage.

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